Property Management

Since its first development, Ashby has offered expert local management services for its projects. “Prompt”, “Courteous” and “Dependable” have been adjectives used to describe the company’s approach to property management services and are consistent with a philosophy of delivering long-term value to tenants, owners, and investors. No matter the requirements, Ashby’s team of property management professionals are committed to the long-term value of the assets it manages.

Ashby Development’s maintenance team coordinates and handles the preventative and emergency maintenance on all types of properties from multi-family residential to industrial high bay warehouse and class “A” professional office projects.  The Ashby Team is able to differentiate themselves from other companies by taking an active management approach and not simply administer the property.  Most property management companies will only administer a property and react to the emergency maintenance calls creating undo stress and discomfort for tenants and residence.  The Ashby Development approach is to take a structured preventative maintenance approach and evaluate and identify maintenance issues before they adversely affect the tenants or residence.  This is accomplished through weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly maintenance systems in place that help track and schedule required maintenance evolutions.

Give us a call today we would be happy to sit down with you to see if we can help increase the value of your real estate assets.

  • Annual Budget / Management Plan development
  • Rental income and occupancy optimization
  • Timely rent collection and bad debt management
  • Audit review and payment of all property expenses
  • Lease expiration management
  • Time sensitive financial reporting
  • Accounting for all property income, expenses, assets and liabilities
  • Consistent market analysis and competitor surveys
  • Building, grounds, and equipment preventative maintenance programs
  • Staff Management and training
  • Establishing quality resident relationships
  • Cost effective purchasing power when negotiating contracts
  • Real estate tax and assessment analysis
  • Capital budget recommendation
  • Proforma forecasting